The Hounds of Chaos

Session Three
Doom of the Savage Kings part 2

After resting for the night, the party set out for the Tomb of Ulfheonar. They marched north into the moors, crossing the river in their ancient dragon boat. Nestled in a vale, the party discovered a large earthen mound in the shape of a serpent’s head with a pool of water at it’s mouth.

Examining the pool turned up burial offerings under the mica flecked sand. There was a door located on the other side of the pool which Torgen was having trouble moving, even with assistance from four other party members.

Closer examination of the mound revealed a concealed entrance in the eastern side which led to a mostly collapsed chamber. With their torches lit, the party began exploring the tomb.

The southern passage led to the burial chamber of the Clan of the Cave Bear where two ghouls attacked the party. Slaying the ghouls revealed human sized serpents controlling the corpses from within. It seemed likely that the ghouls had once been two of the three villagers who had disappeared. In the chamber, a magical bear pelt cloak and helm were discovered, which Steev claimed.

Further exploration south revealed a pit chamber that lay on the other side of the front door. The adventurers also found bloodstains and daggers, possibly explaining how the two earlier villagers became ghouls.

Doubling back north revealed a sealed stone door in a large antechamber. Upon lighting a pair of braziers, the party discovered a crawl space above the lintel, leading to a rough earthen tunnel. The tunnel terminated in a large chamber containing an intricate column of wood and stone. Upon the column hung the wolfspear and shield that they had been seeking.

“Smart Cooper”, the thief scaled the column and disabled it’s deadly trap. After the artifacts were lowered to the other adventurers, Gregry was able to discern that they were not magical. At this point Legolaas heard something creeping in the tunnel.

Aroaven cast a word of command, drawing the would-be attacker toward the group and revealing the final missing villager/ghoul. It was Habras who swung the final blow, decapitation the serpent as it burst from it’s corpse shell.

Investigating the tunnel that the ghoul had climbed down through, the party discovered the actual resting place of Ulfeonar and his wolfspear. Maybelline also claimed the Horn of Kings, Ulfeonar’s magical drinking horn.

Upon exiting the tomb, Legolaas once again saved the party with his keen hearing. A group of hunters had been sent by the Jarl to kill the adventurers if they emerged from the burial mound. The party snuck away north, avoiding a tough fight with the better armed hunters, and returned to the village the long way.

That night they slept, knowing that tomorrow morning would leave only 24 hours until the next lottery.

Session Two
Doom of the Savage Kings part I

After floating down river away from the Trolltooth Mountains, our adventurers found themselves near the village of Hirot. Low on food and needing to resupply before the week long trip home, they decided to see shelter in the village.

As they approached the walls, a crowd of villagers led by the Jarl and his thegns began marching away toward the east, pushing a young woman with bound hands. Following the mob, our adventurers discovered that the people of Hirot were sacrificing one villager every three days to appease a demonic wolf called “the Hound” that terrorizes their village. The adventuring party was given permission to rest in Hirot for three days and were expected to stay out of local affairs.

Upon entering Hirot’s walls, the party began to investigate matters more thoroughly. They were told that the Hound first appeared 6 months back, and had stalked the land around Hirot ever since. A third of the town’s population had either been sacrificed or had moved away. No normal weapons could harm the Hound, and the Jarl’s seer Sylle Ru had instituted a lottery in the town square to choose each new sacrifice.

The people of Hirot were miserable with the situation, but had no other options. Without a sacrifice, the Hound would attack the village directly, resulting in far more deaths than Sylle Ru’s plan.

The adventurers also encountered a old crone known as the Mad Widow Ymae. Ymae was a witch, and specialized in the weaving of magical fabrics and ropes. She agreed to craft a rope that could restrain the hound if one of the party’s young men would marry her. Rufus the Wainwright agreed to these terms. She then required only the hair of a corpse to complete the task.

The party devised a plan to distract the night watchmen and send scouts to the standing stones where young Morgan Haverstock, the woman from earlier, was being sacrificed. Hiding in the shadows of the forest, the scouting group watched the Hound tear Morgan to pieces without feeding on her. They waited for the Hound to leave, and collected Morgan’s scalp for Ymae’s rope.

Having confirmed that the Hound was indeed real, the party rested for the night, with plans to set out in the morning for the Tomb of Ulfheonar, where it was rumored that ancient weapons might be found to defeat the demon wolf.

Session One
Sailors on the Starless Sea

A desperate group of villagers from a seemingly doomed hamlet set out to face an ancient evil that was plaguing their community. Fellow villagers had been snatched in the night by beast men and those who could afford to leave had already moved away. There were no heroes to save them. The villagers were forced to fend for themselves.

A mob of 24 set out for the cyclopian ruins, hoping to rescuing their kinsmen and end the evil blight on their village. 6 fell to the weapons of foul beast men and less than a dozen villagers were saved, 4 of which joined in the fight against the forces of chaos.

After laying siege to the ancient keep, the party fought through the single standing tower into the depths below. They encountered a haunted pool of skulls, found a small amount of treasure and finally discovered an underground sea guarded by a terrifying chaos beast.

Using several haunted skulls to distract the beast, the party crossed the water in an ancient dragon boat.

On a ziggurat in the center of the sea, the beast men and their high priest were sacrificing the villagers to resurrect one of the Chaos Lords who ruled the keep in ages past. The party fought their way up the ziggurat, slaying over a dozen beast men, to save the remaining villagers from certain death. The Chaos Lord’s effigy was imbued with life and then quickly extinguished by sword and club.

The destruction of the Chaos Lord’s earthly vessel triggered an earthquake, collapsing the cavern above the ziggurat. The party escaped onboard the dragon boat by riding the churning waters into a nearby tunnel and out the other side of the mountain.

The majority of the party found themselves drifting down river, miles from home. The villagers who had remained on the surface of the keep narrowly escaped on pony and mule.

The party is split. Several miles apart and with rescued villagers to escort home.

Fallen villagers included a wheat farmer named Bob as well as an outlaw, a woodcutter, and a Dwarven mushroom farmer whose names have already been forgotten. May their deeds be remembered, at the very least.


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