The Hounds of Chaos

Session Two

Doom of the Savage Kings part I

After floating down river away from the Trolltooth Mountains, our adventurers found themselves near the village of Hirot. Low on food and needing to resupply before the week long trip home, they decided to see shelter in the village.

As they approached the walls, a crowd of villagers led by the Jarl and his thegns began marching away toward the east, pushing a young woman with bound hands. Following the mob, our adventurers discovered that the people of Hirot were sacrificing one villager every three days to appease a demonic wolf called “the Hound” that terrorizes their village. The adventuring party was given permission to rest in Hirot for three days and were expected to stay out of local affairs.

Upon entering Hirot’s walls, the party began to investigate matters more thoroughly. They were told that the Hound first appeared 6 months back, and had stalked the land around Hirot ever since. A third of the town’s population had either been sacrificed or had moved away. No normal weapons could harm the Hound, and the Jarl’s seer Sylle Ru had instituted a lottery in the town square to choose each new sacrifice.

The people of Hirot were miserable with the situation, but had no other options. Without a sacrifice, the Hound would attack the village directly, resulting in far more deaths than Sylle Ru’s plan.

The adventurers also encountered a old crone known as the Mad Widow Ymae. Ymae was a witch, and specialized in the weaving of magical fabrics and ropes. She agreed to craft a rope that could restrain the hound if one of the party’s young men would marry her. Rufus the Wainwright agreed to these terms. She then required only the hair of a corpse to complete the task.

The party devised a plan to distract the night watchmen and send scouts to the standing stones where young Morgan Haverstock, the woman from earlier, was being sacrificed. Hiding in the shadows of the forest, the scouting group watched the Hound tear Morgan to pieces without feeding on her. They waited for the Hound to leave, and collected Morgan’s scalp for Ymae’s rope.

Having confirmed that the Hound was indeed real, the party rested for the night, with plans to set out in the morning for the Tomb of Ulfheonar, where it was rumored that ancient weapons might be found to defeat the demon wolf.


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