Steevagr 'Steev' Tanngrisnir

a herder turned warrior


hervor2.jpgClass: Warrior; Title: Wilding
Level: 1
AC :: 12
HP :: 13
Strength :: +1
Agility :: +2
Personality :: +1

Hide of the Cave Bear


Steev had gone to the center of Lasker that day. This was a journey she had many times before. Ordinarily it was a pleasant one. The company of the vendors was a welcome reprieve from her solitary hours in the pastures with only the birds and the goats. The day was lovely and warm but the air hung heavy. Recently a number of the townsfolk had gone missing. Whispers in the village suggested that the missing folks had been spirited away under the cover of darkness by something not quite human. These were not mere rumors to young Steev though. The youth was fond of late evening walks through a grove of trees that lay by the hovel she shared with her stout father and the elderly widows he had for many years been supporting. Often she would sleep in the boughs of a particularly sturdy white oak under a blanket of stars. On this particular evening she had been resting in her tree, ensconced in moss and thinking sparse thoughts on the lore her ‘grandmothers’ had taught her. Unlike other nights though her pondering was violently terminated by the nearby sounds of a struggle. As she looked up and through the branches, she saw her father get struck down by something ghastly. Creatures terrible and unspeakable. There were three and her father crumpling in their grim shadow. He had clearly fought valiantly: all beasts involved were visibly wounded. Alas, they had been too much for the old herder to repel. Steev was paralyzed with shock and anguish. She had no weapons with her and felt powerless to move from her perch. She watched as the old women were carried off. In time she collected herself and began to sob. Then as the first light of morning broke through she climbed down and dug her father a grave. She packed everything into two satchels: one to keep and one to sell. She collected the herds of her father and the widows and made the old familiar trip to Lasker proper, this time with an intention never to return to the old pastures and old grove. She would finish the job her father had began and rescue the old widows if she could.

Steevagr 'Steev' Tanngrisnir

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