Current Party


Main Party:

Aroaven – a charming cleric of peace.
Chiari -a young wizard.
Gregry – a wizard and former grave digger.
Habras – a bold warrior.
Led Zeppelin – a halfling former dyer.
Legolaas Bentwig – a elf warrior and navigator.
Maybelline Thunderthighs – a former blacksmith dwarf.
nameless Halfling Chicken Butcher
Rufus the Wainwright – a dull wainwright turned warrior.
Stevia – a former parsnip farmer.
Steev – a wildling herder turned warrior.
Thompson – a hunter.
Talla – a wise old weaver and witch.
Torgen Proudfoot – a formerly wealthy halfling trader.
Torith – a dense, if brave, warrior.

Separated from the group:

Beadle – a cleric and former beadle. Devout in his secrecy.
Kirk – a former trapper turned thief and lady killer.
Parsley – former rice farmer and Witness of Ildavir.


Bob – a wheat farmer from Lasker

Current Party

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