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Lasker was the small village that our starting adventurers came from. It stood in the shadow of the Ruined Keep of Chaos, which has now been destroyed.

After villagers began disappearing in the night, a mob set out for the ruins to battle the forces of Chaos plaguing their town. In the ensuing battle, the keep was destroyed and Chaos was pushed back for a time.

Only Kirk the trapper, Parsley the rice farmer, and a beadle whose name has been forgotten returned to town following the earthquake that destroyed the keep.

Unfortunately, the population was too devastated to continue supporting the village. The remaining villagers became refugees, departing for the closest settlement in hopes of survival.

They were last seen heading west along the King’s Way, in an attempt to reach the village of Hirot. The journey takes at least a week and passes through the southern hills of the Trolltooth Mountains.


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