Table Considerations

A. The DCC system has a high fatality rate for characters, especially at lower levels. In this game, you will see characters die. Be prepared for this, and don’t bring characters to the table whose lives you are not willing to risk. I will not soften blows, or nudge dice in your favor. The risk of death is what makes your characters’ accomplishments, and your choices matter. I am rooting for you, but I am not here to insure that you win. If you have concerns about this aspect of the game hampering your fun, please let me know. I can speak at length about this issue. Otherwise, I encourage everyone to give it a shot. Remember, your choices only matter when there are actually stakes and multiple possible outcomes.

B. Please refrain from excessive “table chatter” if you can. Talking at length about off topic issues at the table slows down play and tends to drown out the quieter players who are actually interested in playing, but can’t get a word in edgewise. You don’t have to use “silly” voices or become totally immersed in your characters (although it’s completely encouraged), but when you’re dragging the whole group out of the game, it defeats the point of even playing. I’m not asking anyone to sit in silence, but maybe that 5 minute story about an internet argument can wait until a break?

C. The Dungeon Master (DM hereafter) is final arbitrator of conflicts. I follow the “rulings, not rules” philosophy in games I’m running. We are all at the table to have fun and tell a story, but at the end of the day, it is my decision that breaks ties. Please feel free to challenge a ruling, but if it’s a conversation that will slow down play, we should talk about it during a break or after the session. This hasn’t been an issue in the past, but for new players it’s worth saying. Have faith in the fact that I’m not petty, cruel, or “out to get you.”

D. No Monty Python. Just don’t. It wasn’t funny ten years ago. It won’t be funny now. You are all wittier than this.

Table Considerations

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