pop. about 200

Ruled by Jarl Snaer Thambarskson

Notable Persons:

  • Jarl Snaer Thambarskson
  • Sylle Ru
  • Ymae, the Mad Widow
  • Broegan “Bull” Haverson
  • Morgan Haverson – deceased
  • Nothan the Younger
  • Mocle
  • Naven
  • Hael the Crane
  • Ofenloch
  • Kreig
  • Orioc
  • Utherl
  • Haedrick
  • Clohn the Bald
  • Haelf Halfson
  • LlorĂ©

Hirot is currently under constant threat from The Hound of Hirot, who attacks the village unless a sacrifice is left at the nearby standing stones every three days.

Hirot’s population is dwindling under constant attack by the Hound and the twice weekly sacrifices to appease it. The Jarl and his seven thegns enforce a lottery among the villagers to decide each new sacrifice.


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